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Kobe SGG Club

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Be awarded by
Goverment and Organization

  By Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

   (1) Kobe SGG Club was awarded in 2001, 2014 as a voluntary group.
   (2) The under mentioned members of Kobe KSGG Club were officially
     commended by engaging volunteer activity for over 10 years.

      Ms. Reiko Kuroda in 1996        Ms. Mihoko Kakiguchi in 1997 
      Mr. Masatoshi Kuromi in 1997     Mr. Shouichi Kageyama in 1998
      Ms. Tazuko Mizuochita in 1999    Ms. Mineko Ueda in 2000
      Ms. Rie Hashine in 2001        Ms. Kozue Hashimoto in 2002
      Mr. Kou Tamari in 2003         Mr. Yoshinobu Shibata in 2007
      Mr. Kiyoaki Fukui in 2008       Mr. Kentaro Waki in 2009
      Ms. Yuki Tagawa in 2011       Ms. Junko Kajino in 2012
       Ms. Hiromi Hiraki in 2013       Ms. Yoko Ibi in 2013
       Mr. Kawashima in 2014      Ms. Yuko Setoyama in 2016 
Mr. Hideo Ohta in 2019

  The 31st Kiwanis Prize
     Awarded by Kobe Kiwanis Club in 2006

  The 31st Iue Cultural Prize
     Awarded by Iue Faoudation in 2007

  The Testimonial Prize of Grass Root Movement
     Awarded by Hyogo in 2018

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